Django cradmin 6.0.0 releasenotes


This version is not released yet.

What is new?

  • django_cradmin_styles:
    • input BEM block:
      • input--small, input--xsmall and input--xxsmall: Removed. Replaced by input--width-<size> variants instead. This means that you need to refactor to input--width-<small|xsmall|xxsmall>.
      • input--half: Removed. If you need this, you probably want to use coloumnlayout instead.
      • input--inline-xxsmall: Removed. Can be refactored to input--inline input--width-xxsmall input--size-small.
      • New --size-* variants.
      • New --width-* variants.
    • select BEM block:
      • select--small: Removed. Was not in the styleguide/docs, so should not be in use many places.
      • New --size-* variants.
      • New --width-* variants.
    • button BEM block:
      • New --form-size-* variants.
    • searchinput BEM block:
      • New --size-* variants.
      • New --width-small variant.
    • selectable-list BEM block:
      • New --outlined variant for selectable-list__item.
      • Set selectable-list__item to text-align left. Makes it work with <button> too.
      • Set selectable-list__itemcontent to display block. Makes it work with <span> too (which is needed when the selectable-list__item is a <button>.
    • page-section-mixin: Make the p:last-child check more explicit. Now it only matches if the <p> is the last child of the last .container within the page-section.
    • column-layout:
      • Add column-layout__column--vertical-center variant.
    • blocklist:
      • New styles for generic action sidebar. With these new styles, we no longer need the blocklist__movable-item-wrapper and related BEM elements, so they are deprecated.
    • Add new help BEM block.
    • Fixes and new css classes to make input, searchinput, select and button have the exact same height - for horizontal layouts.
    • Update recommended NPM package versions.

Migrate from 5.2.x to 6.0.0

Migrate your form styles

You need to migrate the styles that have been removed/changed as described in the django_cradmin_styles section in the _Whats new?_ section above.

Update NPM package versions for your theme(s)

You should update the package.json for your themes using django_cradmin_styles to:

"autoprefixer": "^8.4.1",
"cssnano": "^3.10.0",
"postcss-cli": "^5.0.0",
"postcss-scss": "^1.0.5",
"stylelint": "^9.2.0"