The name of the app index view (the landing page for the app). We do not enforce this, but we assume that each app has a view with this name.

class Url(regex, view, kwargs=None, name=None)

Bases: object

Url is mostly the same as func:django.conf.urls.url. You use Url to add urls to an app.

  • regex – The URL regex.
  • view – The view (E.g.: MyView.as_view()).
  • kwargs – Keyword arguments for the view.
  • name – The name of the view. This just have to be unique within the App - the actual URL name is generated based on the app name and the
class App(appname, request, active_viewname)

Bases: object

A cradmin App.

Added to a django_cradmin.crinstance.BaseCrAdminInstance with django_cradmin.crinstance.BaseCrAdminInstance.apps.


str – The name of the app.


django.http.HttpRequest – Django request object for the current request.


str – The name of the view we are currently rendering.

appurls = []

See get_appurls().


Is the active viewname the app index view?

Returns:True if
Return type:bool

Is this the django_cradmin.crinstance.BaseCrAdminInstance.rolefrontpage_appname

Returns:True if the appname of this app is the same as request.cradmin_instance.rolefrontpage_appname.
Return type:bool
reverse_appurl(viewname, args=None, kwargs=None)

Works just like django.core.urlresolvers.reverse(), except that the name is the name given in appurls, not the full name of the URL.

This means that you should use this to reverse urls within this app.

reverse_appindexurl(args=None, kwargs=None)

Shortcut for:

reverse_appurl(crapp.INDEXVIEW_NAME, args=args, kwargs=kwargs)
classmethod get_appurls()

Get app URLs. Defaults to appurls.

Returns:A list of Url objects.
classmethod build_urls(cradmin_instance_id, appname)

Used internally by django_cradmin.crinstance.BaseCrAdminInstance.urls() to build urls for all views in the app.


Add items to the breadcrumb item list.

If you completely override the get_breadcrumb_item_list_renderable() method without calling super (or calling this method explicitly), this method will have no effect.


Simple example::

    def add_breadcrumb_list_items(self, breadcrumb_item_list):
        breadcrumb_item_list.append(url='#', label='Test')
Parameters:breadcrumb_item_list (django_cradmin.crbreadcrumb.BreadcrumbItemList) – The breadcrumb item list to add items to.

Get a breadcrumb item list renderable common for all views within this app.

By default, this just uses request.cradmin_instance.get_breadcrumb_item_list_renderable() (see django_cradmin.crinstance.BaseCrAdminInstance.get_breadcrumb_item_list_renderable()).

You will normally only want to override this if you want to customize how breadcrumbs are rendered for the views in this app. If you just need to add items to the breadcrumb item list, override add_breadcrumb_list_items().

If you override this, remember that the breadcrumb item list from request.cradmin_instance.get_breadcrumb_item_list_renderable() can be None, so if you use that method you have to remember to handle this.

A breadcrumb item list renderable object
or None.
Return type:django_cradmin.crbreadcrumb.BreadcrumbItemList