Using and creating database dumps

Importing the test data

The easiest method of importing the test database is to use the recreate_devdb Fabric task:

$ ievv recreate_devdb


This will destroy your current database.

Users in the test database

After importing the test data, you will have some new users. Login to the Django admin UI (http://localhost:8000/admin/) with:

password: test

and select Users to list all users. The password of all users are test.

Add new data

To add new data, you just need to do add data to the database manually.

Adding data manually (I.E.: Using the Django admin UI)

To add data manually, you should first run the recreate_devdb management command to make sure you start out with the current up-to-date dataset. Then you can use the web-UI or the Django shell to add data. Finally, run:

$ ievv dump_db_as_sql

Now you can commit the update django_cradmin/demo/project/demo/dumps/default.sql to the git repo if you want to make the changes to the development database available to other developers of django-cradmin.