Django cradmin 5.1.0 releasenotes

What is new?

  • Various bug fixes in django_cradmin_js.
  • crmenu module: Use cricon for the menu toggle.
  • delay_middleware module: Use the “new” django middleware format.
  • loading-indicator (both css and javascript): Support visible message, not just screenreader message.
  • button styles: Make it easier to create custom button styles with some new mixins.
  • page-cover-mixin SASS mixin: Add __button BEM element.
  • Add new block BEM block.
  • viewhelpers.listbuilder: Fix refactoring bug that basically made this module unusable.
  • crbreadcrumb: Hide in print by default.

Migrate from 5.0.0 to 5.1.0

The only thing that may cause problems would be the cricon in the crmenu menu toggle if you have customized that a lot. In that case, you will probably have to create your own subclass of django_cradmin.crmenu.MenuToggleItemItemRenderable.